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How to use bidet? Part 3: Bidet Toilet

We have talked about how to use our VOVO Bidet Seat for those who are not familiar bidet the concept of bidets but wanted to try it. Now that you decided that bidet is for you and you want to upgrade your bidet game to the next level, then it is time for us to introduce you to our luxury smart bidet toilet!


 Impress your guests and bring a luxurious hotel experience into your home with our VOVO STYLEMENT Smart Bidet Toilet. Take a look at our best-selling bidet toilet model TCB-090SA.

bidet toilet


We know replacing you’re a new toilet can be frustrating, that is 100% not the case with our smart bidet toilets! At VOVO, we care about customer satisfaction, and we want to make sure that things go as smoothly as possible. We have developed products that required very little steps for installation that you can do it yourself!


Our VOVO STYLEMENT Smart Bidet Toilet offer many amazing functions starting from the auto open/close lid that has a sensor that detects the user’s movement and automatically opens the lid when approached and close after user walks away. The auto flushing system in our smart bidet toilets can differentiate the amount of water it will take to flush by detecting the length time the user has been seated.


For your maximum comfort, we offer a warm air dryer, warm water, and heated seat that can also be adjusted into 3 different temperatures. Our nozzle is a semi-permanent full stainless nozzle that perform 3 different functions (posterior, feminine, turbo wash) with 4 different levels of water pressure. Our bidet toilets also come with an LED nightlight function as well as an auto deodorizer that removes unpleasant odor after each use. Our tankless design not only gives the bidet toilet a sleeker and more sophisticated look, but you will not have to wait for the water to fill up the tank after each flush ever again as it connects the pipe directly to provide clean operation with direct water supply.


To use out smart bidet toilet, simply select the option you wish to operate such as the posterior function. You may also adjust the water pressure and nozzle position by pressing the ^ or ˅ signs for water pressure and the up-down arrows to adjust the nozzle position. The auto open/close lid function and auto flush can also be turn on and off depending on your preference. See the video below for the installation and function guide.