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Company History

2001.09 VOVO Corporation established

2006.11 Established Anseong Plant, R&D Center

2008.07 Signed a contract with American Standard Asia

2011.06 Selected as Export Promising Small Business

2012.12 The 49th Trade day ‘2012 Tower of $1 Million Export’

2014.04 Signed a contract with Royal TOTO

2015.01 Signed a contract with Hansaem

2018.01 Signed a contract with COTTO

2018.12 The 50th Trade day ‘2018 Tower of $5 Million Export’

2019.01 Relocation of VOVO Corporation headquarters

2019.03 Established VOVO U.S.A

2019.11 Launched IMUNSEN air purifier

2020.05 Designated as Small Giant Company of Korea

2020.06 Established VOVO JAPAN LLC

2020.08 Established IMUNSEN CHINA

2020.12 The 52th Trade day ‘2020 Tower of $10 Million Export

2005.01 Acquired Korea Industrial Standrd KS mark certification

2007.11 Acquired management innovation-type SME Certification

2007.11 Acquired ISO 9001 / ISO 14001

2008.09 Acquired KC Safety Certificate for Exhibition Goods

2008.09 Acquired INNO-BIZ certification ‘ Technological innovative SME

2008.11 Awarded ‘German IF Product Design Award 2009’

2009.01 Acquired Environmental Label Certification for water saving

2009.03 Acquired CE Certificate (Europe)

2009.06 Acquired CQC Certificate (China)

2009.08 Acquired GB Certificate (China)

2010.05 Acquired KSE Certificate (Japan)

2013.07 Acquired ETL Certificate (USA)

2014.05 Awarded ‘German IF Product Design Award 2014’ for Bidet Seat

2019.01 Acquired cUPC Certificate (USA)

2020.02 Awarded ‘German IF Product Design Award 2020’ for Tower type Air Purifier

2020.03 Acquired UPC Certificate (USA)

2021.04 Awarded ‘German IF Product Design Award 2020’ for Small type Air Purifier

2009.05 Exhibited at USA KBIS

2012.05 Exhibited at Shanghai Kitchen & Bath China

2015.03 Exhibited at Germany ISH

2016.11 Exhibited at Dubai ‘The Big 5’

2017.12 Exhibited at India ACETECH Delhi

2018.11 Exhibited at Guangzhou Canton Fair

2019.01 Exhibited at USA Lavages CES

2019.03 Exhibited at Germany ISH

2019.09 Exhibited at Germany IFA

2020.01 Exhibited at USA Lasvegas KBIS

2020.01 Exhibited at USA Lasvegas CES

2020.02 Exhibited at Japan GIFT SHOW

2021.01 Exhibited at CES (On-line)

VOVO Corporation is an eco-friendly household appliance company established in 2001.
We contribute to the healthy life of mankind by developing eco-friendly products for future generations.