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IMUNSEN Air Purifier with Cypress Wood Filter, H13 True HEPA Filter, 100% Ozone Free, Cyclone Mode, Auto Sleep Mode - M003W (White)



Refresh with natural Cypress wood air purifier


Cypress trees are well known for their natural antibacterial properties. The amount of phytoncide divergence of cypress trees is the highest across fir species. It is also highly water-resistant and natural deodorizer making it a perfect choice as an air purifier filter.

The luxury brand design style

Eliminates 99.97% of fine dust in the air
Even the invisible
fine dust
4-side inhaling system of IMUNSEN Air purifier
Inhales bad air from 4 sides of front, left, right and bottom,
and sends back the cleaned air

Filtration System
With the special 4 stage filtration system of IMUNSEN, enjoy the clean air without fine dust as well as the antibacterial effect.

1. Pre-filter
Removes larger particles such as hair, pollen,
pet fur and dander

2. Antibacterial H13 True HEPA Filter
True HEPA 13 Filter removes 99.97% of
the fine dust and is also antibacterial.

3. Deodorization Filter
Eliminates VOCs caused by daily movement,
harmful gases, and pet odor

4. Natural Cypress Wood Filter
Natural antibacterial, antifungal, deodorization
and insect repellent effect with aromatherapy
to reduce stress

Air Cleaning
with Dual motor fans
Strong and fast air cleaning with full-power wind speed of dual motor fans

Low Noise Level

Effective cleaning with minimum noise for your environment.

Smart Filter Replacement

When the filter needs to be replaced, the LED light from the
logo will blink for 5 seconds when the device is turned on.

USB Connection

Convenient usage anywhere with simple USB connection