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How to use bidet? Part 2: Bidet Seat

Now that we have talked about how to use a standalone bidet in our previous article. We would like to now introduce you our own newer version of bidets. Starting with bidet seat, which is a great start for people who are not familiar with a concept of bidets and do not want to make a drastic change on their bathroom. Our smart bidet seats would be a perfect way to start introducing bidets into your home.


Here at VOVO, we offer 2 different styles of bidet seat which are bidet seat with a side control panel and bidet seat with a wireless remote control depending on individual preference. Let’s take a look at one of our bestselling bidet seat model VB-6000SE.


bidet seat


Our bidet seats are perfect for testing out and see if bidets are really for you, while keeping our high-end quality standard so that your bidet seat can last for years and years! With our bidet seats, you can simply remove your current toilet seat and replacement it with our premium bidet seats and enjoy all the amazing bidet functions that we have to offer! Our bidet seat functions include heated seat, 3 in 1 full stainless-steel nozzle, warm air dryer, warm water, LED night light, energy save mode, and self-cleaning nozzle.


To use our bidet seat, simply select the option you wish to operate such as the posterior function. You may also adjust the water pressure and nozzle position by pressing the + or – signs for water pressure and the up-down arrows to adjust the nozzle position.  See the video below for the installation and function guide.