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What Is A Bidet?

While bidets are the standard fixture in any Japanese or Italian bathrooms, most of the Americans have never experienced using a bidet throughout their whole life. One of the main reasons why Americans are not familiar with bidet is due to the lack of availability throughout the whole country. It has not been widely available for purchasing when comparing to countries in Asia or Europe. It is incredibly uncommon in the United States to the point that some people may have never seen one before in their lives.

But what really is a bidet? Looking back in 17th century when bidet was first invented in France, the original bidet that most people may have seen looks similar to a sink that locate right next to the toilet where people can easily move of the toilet into the bidet to clean up. Many of the European households are still using the similar looking bidet until today as it has become a standard piece in their bathrooms.

There a few different types of bidets that are used throughout the world. The most common bidet type that are used in South East Asia are the bidet shower which is a hand-held triggered nozzle that locate next to the toilet where it can be easily reached without having to get up from the toilet like the European type. This type of bidet is simple and affordable since the function is generally limited, they are mostly considered as an attachment rather than a separate fixture.

In 1980, the first smart bidet toilet was invented in Japan, this has been a game changer when it comes to going to the bathroom as the toilet is now not only for flushing away the waste, but also operate as a build-in bidet that comes with many amazing functions such as the adjustable water temperature, build-in air dryer, water pressure control, automatic open/close, and many more. This type of bidet toilet is the most accessible considering that the majority of functions are hand-free operated otherwise, can be easily controlled by simply pressing buttons on the remote control.

Bidet has become much more accessible in the United States as people can simply order one online from almost any appliance stores. Americans have become more exposed to the concept of bidets especially when the pandemic hits the United States with a toilet paper shortage. People started to look for an alternative to replace the toilet paper. Shortly after the massive shortage, toilet paper has become commonly available again. However, many American had shifted from using toilet paper into regularly using bidets in their households for many reasons such as reducing their monthly spend on toilet paper, better hygiene from a more efficient cleaning method, or the luxury experience that comes with the additional bidet functions such as heated seat or auto deodorizer.

There are many benefits of using a bidet considering from the environmental standpoint to the long-term health and hygiene. With VOVO STYLEMENT advance technology, we offer you a new luxurious bathroom experience that will save you from ever buying toilet paper again. Check out our Bidet Seat and Smart Integrated Toilet, you will never go back to using toilet paper again.